I've heard plenty of crap from the left and right about abortion policies under Hitler. Today, I decided to look the stuff up myself. More to reaffirm what I expected than anything else. But, before I tell you what I found, here are the claims:


People against abortion often make the irrelevant claim that the first thing Hitler did when he came into power was legalize abortion. Like most of their hollow rhetoric, this isn't so much support for their point as it is a shock tactic. Hitler was also a vegetarian, and a Christian, and many highly respected scholars believe he breathed. Damn vegetarians and their Jew-killing antics.


Parallel to the ridiculous beliefs of the Sacred Sperm Squad, many pro-choicers will claim that the first thing Hitler did when he came into power was outlaw abortion.


According to multiple sources, Hitler opposed abortion for 'aryans', and made abortion mandatory for everyone else. While some (morons) will argue that this makes Hitler pro-abortion, the fact that he was very obviously anti-womens' rights completely destroys any potential appeal his abortion policies would have to the 'pro-choice' side. Hitler believed that the bodies of his people were his to control. Forcing people to have abortions is not the same thing as allowing abortions, and forcing people not to have them is no more correct than the former.


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