Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

Alrighty, then.


So this rant's been coming for quite a while.
In fact, it's late.

Essentially, you've got a load of Conservaturds calling Obama (now President of the United States) nasty things.
From a single drone, you'll hear a number of accusations, just a few of which are:


Now, anyone with even a basic knowledge of history or... well, anything, knows that someone can't be all of these at once.
But if you're retarded, I'll gladly fill you in.

The Nazis (or "National Socialists," though they had little to do with true Socialism, and participated in the slaughter of their Socialist opposition) were inherently anti-Communist. Because of this (and huge political differences) the Communists didn't like them much, either, and Stalin's armies fought alongside such nations as France, the UK, and the United States in the war against Hitler.

As far as being the "Anti-Christ," virtually every world leader since the term's rise has been called this.

Of course, Obama has also been likened to Hitler himself, for the fact that young people like him or something. Oh, uncanny, Republicans. Uncanny.
A recent Doonesbury cartoon has taken note of this undeniable likeness.

Yes, that's right. If Obama were actually a Nazi, he'd fucking murder your ass. Actually, he'd have to kill himself, too. Hitler may not have been blonde haired and blue eyed, but Obama isn't even fucking white.
Say he's in the Klan, why don't you?